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Gisele R.

Jessica Mayer got me over $100K representing my son and I on 2 car accidents. She negotiated my medical bills to maximize our settlements that made a great difference.
She is caring, very smart and responsive, which sets her apart from the rest. Definitely recommend her knowledge and experience to help with your claim.
Thanks Jess!

Steve R.

Jessica Mayer represented me after I was in a bad car accident. At first I was afraid that I was going to lose more than I gained which is why I was hesitant to hire a lawyer. Jessica assured me that I would benefit more from trying my case with her representing me. She worked countless hours focusing on my case and trying to specify exactly what I needed to help me emotionally, financially, and physically. Jessica never let me down, she was always available for me and made me feel like her time with me was important. She fought for what she believed I deserved and then some. I would highly recommend Jessica Mayer for any case and ensure she is reliable, tedious, and kind.

Lynsey L.

After I was hit by a car on my bike, I was scared about my life moving forward and was worried that I would never financially or physically recover. But when I found Jessica Mayer, my nerves calmed tremendously. Jessica was always there to answer my calls and fight for me. Any hour of the day Jessica was there to help me with any questions or concerns I had for myself and my case. Jessica reassures me that everything would work out and I would be more than fine if she was representing me. She kept true to all of her promises and went above and beyond for me. She also was there for me as a person. I highly recommend Jessica for any issue you may have and if something were to happen again, I wouldn’t want anyone other than Jessica to represent me.

Drew M.

After suffering injuries from a recent car collision I reached out to Jessica Mayer. What I thought was going to be a complex drawn out ordeal was instead an efficient and transparent experience. Jessica Mayer's attentiveness, day and night, was outstanding. The ability to receive any answer to a question at a moments notice was a lifesaver. I strongly recommend Jessica Mayer for your peace of mind!

John I.

Attorney Jessica Mayer provided legal assistance. Her knowledge, understanding and professionalism assisted me in quickly resolving the situation. Thank you Attorney Mayer.