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worker sitting with head in hands and a covid-19 graphic

Coronavirus Bankruptcy

The Mayer Law Firm is here to help individuals determine where or not filing for personal bankruptcy is the proper action to take for their circumstance. If it is, then we will help guide you in... Read More

T-bone collision with a black car and grey car

Car Accident Lawyer

The Mayer Law Firm has represented auto accident victims for 12 years and counting in Brevard County and beyond. Car accidents are one of the leading causes for personal injury claims throughout... Read More

damaged motorcycle on street with vehicle in background and worker in orange uniform

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The Residents of Brevard County and Melbourne especially, are no strangers to the numerous motorcycle accidents that we see on the roads on what seems like a daily basis. In fact, Florida state is... Read More

Small spill of liquid on a floor, foot with black sandal hovering over liquid

Premises Liability Accident Lawyer

Premises Liability covers a broad section of personal injury law when it comes to injuries caused by poorly maintained or dangerous property. Most premises liability lawsuits filed involve slip and... Read More

A gavel and a stethoscope with the scales of justice behind them

Medical Malpractice Attorney

When we seek medical care, we trust the doctors and facility staff to follow proper safety protocols, we also trust the equipment to work efficiently and correctly. Regrettably, this is not always... Read More

nursing home employee grabbing arm of a woman who resides in a nursing home

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you found this page, chances are you suspect a loved one’s injuries or even their death was the result of nursing home abuse. Many seniors live in nursing homes throughout the country... Read More

German Shepard barking, showing teeth aggressively

Dog Bite Accident Attorney

With proper training and socialization, the majority of pets pose no risk, but never underestimate how quickly some dogs can become dangerous animals. There are a number of potential mistakes... Read More